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Communication platform Speakap to Great Britain

Speakap, the internal communication platform for companies, was officially launched in Great Britain, thanks in part to a recent investment of 12.5 million euros.

Tencent invests in maker delivery robots

Internet giant Tencent is one of the investors of Marble, the San Francisco company that builds autonomous delivery robots. Marble has raised 10 million dollars…

Walmart close to investment in Flipkart

The American retailer Walmart is about to acquire an interest in Amazon rival Flipkart from India. It would be an investment of twelve billion dollars.

Founder Criteo at the helm again

Founder JB Rudelle returns as CEO of the adtech company Criteo. The current CEO Eric Eichmann remains attached to the French company as an advisor.

Sonos prepares an IPO

Sonos, the company behind app-driven audio equipment, wants to go to the fair. According to The Wall Street Journal, the necessary documents were filed confidentially…

Home Depot attracts 1000 tech professionals

Retailer Home Depot will certainly attract a thousand tech professionals in the coming years as part of a sizeable investment of 11.1 billion dollars in…