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Steijn Pelle to Coinbase

The Dutch entrepreneur Steijn Pelle goes to work at the marketplace for crypto coins Coinbase. There he will lead the team with growth accelerators.

1.7 million subscribers for Pathé Thuis

Film platform Pathé Thuis had more than 1.4 million subscribers at the end of 2017, with a growth of 111,000 viewers in the last three…

Digital penicillin production

Microorganisms are often used to produce chemicals. These processes are usually very complicated. It is hard to completely understand every detail of the process, when…

Paralyzed patient feels sensation again

Using a tiny array of electrodes implanted in the brain’s somatosensory cortex, scientists have induced sensations of touch and movement in the hand and arm…

Spamboete Daisycon does not leave the table

The spam fee that was imposed on marketing company Daisycon in 2013 does not disappear. This was determined by the Appeal for Business (CBb) at…

First blockchain smartphone in production

Sirin Labs has placed an order for 25,000 blockchain smartphones at the Chinese Apple assembly company Foxconn. The device has to be on the market…

Uber takes over the bicycle business

Uber has taken over the bicycle company JUMP for an unknown amount. There were already rumors about negotiations between the two companies.

Pien Oosterman new CEO Levi9

Paul Schuyt departs as general manager of IT company Levi9 and transfers the management to his commercial director Pien Oosterman.