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Minescape changes name to RecruitNow

The digital agency Minescape changes its name to RecruitNow to better reflect its specialism in labor market communication.

Belgian director Coolblue to nexxworks

The Belgian director of Coolblue makes a switch to innovation platform nexxworks. Matthias De Clercq will become Chief Commercial Officer there.

Free modem choice delayed

It will take a while before consumers can choose their modem or router from telecom and cable companies themselves. This appears from comments in the…

Chair of data sciences for Nyenrode

Nyenrode Business University will receive a chair in Data Science. Ruud Wetzels will focus within this chair on applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), mathematics and… starts building new campus has started the construction of its new campus on the eastern edge of the Oosterdokseiland in Amsterdam. Next […]

New Tele2 app smarter by machine learning

Tele2 introduces a self-service app for all its customers with a mobile subscription that ‘literally and figuratively listens to customers’. In addition to the usual…