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Wehkamp with AR too

The app of wehkamp offers support for augmented reality (AR) for the first time. This allows you to see how the desired bank is in your own living room. For the time being, this is limited to Torino models. The retailer decided to introduce AR because more and more orders are mobile, now fifty percent. In addition, the number of customers shopping through the wehkamp app is increasing enormously. When buying a bank online, the consumer sometimes has a number of questions. Does the sofa fit in my room? Does the color fit with the rest of my interior? If I place a bank here, will my seat still fit in next to it? AR offers clarity according to wehkamp. There are already a few other residential retailers (such as IKEA) that do something with AR. The difference is that at wehkamp everything takes place in the same app: looking around, virtual placing and buying. They can therefore place the items in the shopping basket and pay them. The AR feature is initially only available for iPhone (the iPad is not yet available) and for the entire Torino line from wehkamp. More furniture will follow later this year.